Conscious Coffees


Conscious Coffees is one of the oldest organic coffee roasters in Colorado and has been a leader in bringing social justice and environmental responsibility to the industry. Approaching 20 years in the marketplace, Conscious Coffees reached out to us to rethink what their brand stands for. When they started, being organic and fair trade were enough to stand out as a brand. But these days, it's expected. Competition for organic and fair trade coffee is stiffer than ever and this passionate and experienced business needed to reposition to maintain their leadership in the local industry.


We analyzed the  Cultural and Category trends, Competitive landscape, Company culture and Consumer insights through focus groups with current ('dark green') and potential ('light green') customers. This informed a Brand Strategy & Positioning workshop and in turn a creative brief to develop a visual identity (logo, packaging) and new website. 


Retail sales had doubled only 6 weeks after the brand was relaunched. 

Brand positioning: Conscious Coffees is the lifeblood of flourishing communities locally and globally.

Traditionally Conscious Coffees has supported global coffee growing communities by providing economic stability, social cohesion and a healthy habitat. Now, Conscious Coffees also supports local communities right here at home, by bringing people together, being a catalyst for creativity and providing opportunity for local social and economic impact.

Visual identity and website: Utilizing our research, with agency partner One Thousand Design we built out a fresh visual identity, redesigned packaging, and launched a bold new website to connect communities.

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