Magnum Ice cream


The brand, which was launched as the first ice-cream brand targeting adults, had become the quintessential symbol of the 1980s ’bigger = better’ ethos. Furthermore, copycats started to gain share. We needed to reinvent the meaning of indulgence in the 21st century and create an ownable brand positioning.


We co-created the future of Magnum through the creation of an indulgence advisory board of experts across UK, France, Italy and The Netherlands. The network was curated based on the idea that when worlds collide, innovation happens. Participants came from very different backgrounds but all were creators of indulgent experiences, including luxury packaging designers, interior designers, DJs, cooks, food critics, chocolatiers, fashion designers, buyers and club owners.


We found that indulgence had become omni-present and meaningless. Magnum, with its rich and full indulging experience started to be perceived as excessive and over-the-top. There was a rising need for specialness and simplicity, a more intense and personal indulgence experience that dared to minimize instead of maximize. The resulting brand positioning of Magnum as ‘the evangelist of indulgence’ inspired a new marketing platform and over a decade of new product development pipeline including the 7 sins limited editions, bites, fashion collaborations and pop up stores.