SmartWool had a low marketing budget, but a loyal fanbase. How could we leverage our fans in our promotion?


Insight: Our research revealed that SmartWool fans love celebrating their outdoor accomplishments in social media. However, because SmartWool base-layers and socks are worn underneath it’s usually outer layer brands like Patagonia and North Face who get the “badge credit.”

Creative brief: How can we get fans to showcase the SmartWool products they love in celebration of their outdoor accomplishments?


We started with a “Strip to your SmartWool” social utility on Facebook, stimulating people to upload pictures of them stripping after achieving something great and sharing this with their friends. This then evolved into the SmartWool Fanalog and Fan Field Tester program where fans shared all kinds of SmartWool stories, pictures and videos and Share The Joy where fans entered Facebook friends for a chance to win SmartWool products.


  • 780%  positive fan growth in the first 4 months of Strip to your SmartWool
  • 10 million impressions between Facebook and Strip to your SmartWool digital ad campaign
  • CTR’s above industry standards
  • SmartWool fan page engagement rate up 61% since campaign launch 
  • Monthly active users doubled since campaign launch
  • Weekly visits up to 5,500 per week versus 500-700 when campaign launched
  • The Fanalog experience and Fan Field Tester program drove 3,420 unique user-generated images and click through rate 18% higher than industry standard
  • “People Talking About This” number jumped 330% during the Share The Joy program, and continues to be 25% higher than it was prior to the campaign

(with Victors & Spoils)