UpRamp, sponsored by CableLabs 


CableLabs, the R&D arm of the  $500 billion cable industry, was launching a new kind of startup accelerator (Fiterator) and wanted to develop a brand story, name and logo.


We used an iterative six week co-creation process with weekly sprints, engaging a global network of entrepreneurs for ongoing feedback and a designer/copywriter team (Zach Lee and Evan Fry). Our strategy was based on the insight that every city now wants to be the new Silicon Valley. There’s Silicon Alley, Silicon Hills, Silicon Forest, Silicon Prairie, Silicon Square, Silicon Wadi, Silicon Roundabout - the list goes on. But what if we apply the principles of what makes a thriving startup community to a network instead of a location?


Brand positioning: Connecting the most radical entrepreneurs to the most powerful network in the world. 

Brand name: UpRamp